Nostalgic candy

Candy Safari® allows you to relive your fond childhood memories.  Remember Candy Buttons?  Or maybe bubble gum cigars?  How about wax lips or Gold Mine gum?
Old fashioned candy in an old fashioned bag!  Let your mind wander back to the days of delicious, simple candy drops.


Remember pink popcorn?  We have it here at Candy Safari®!  It’s perfect for a movie night with the family!


Buy Love Hearts for that special person in your life, or simply enjoy them yourself!


We carry Original Crystal Beach Sugar Waffles and Crystal Beach Suckers.  These delights will bring back memories of the Crystal Beach Amusement Park which was open until 1989.  They’re the perfect treat to buy for the family or as a gift to someone who doesn’t live in the Niagara Region.


Yes, we have Gold Mine gum, along with all our other nostalgic candy. This unique gum is shaped to look like gold in a little bag, it’s so much fun!


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Take time and peruse all the candies from your childhood: Popeye sticks (not allowed to call them cigarettes anymore), Big League Chew, Garbage Candy and wax lips.


We have Taffy, Astro pops, Fizz candies and more!


Some of our childhood’s sweetest moments was always going to the fair.  Relive those summer days with cotton candy and sponge toffee.


We carry Jaw Breaker suckers.  Make sure you don’t drop one on your toe!


We have lots of nostalgic gum!  Thrills still taste like soap, Freshen-up gum still skirts in your mouth and Clove, Beemans and Black Jack comes out as a limited edition.

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