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Fun Facts

    • PEZ candies and dispensers have been around for over 80 years! The name PEZ comes from the German word PfeffErminZ, which means ‘peppermint.’ Try saying that five times fast!
    • It takes 7 to 21 days to make a single Jelly Belly jelly bean!
    • 16 BILLION jelly beans are made for Easter
    • The first candy into space was jelly beans. They went up on the Challenger in 1983
    • Denmark eats the most candy of any country in the world
    • A man from Sweden made the biggest lollipop in the world in 2003.  It weighed over 4700 lbs!
    • Egyptians invented Marshmallows.  They came from a Mallow plant
    • The snickers bar was originally named after a horse
    • Gummy Bears are the only candy to have a show made after them
    • The most expensive chocolate bar is a 100 year old Cadbury bar costing $687!
    • King Tut was buried with TONS of licorice
    • ‘Red’ or Cherry is the most popular flavor of most candies


Check out this video of our customers taking the Bean Boozled Challenge

Or, check out this video of the biggest gummy worm ever made!  Could you eat it all?

Fun Links

Need some supplies for a birthday coming up? These sites might be able to help!

Party Supply Store

Birthday Ideas

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Fun Games

Bored? Need something to do? Check out the AWESOME games that you can play for free online!

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Fun Activities

Need something to do online? Why not try one of these activities!

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Mmmm, Candy

Check out the websites of some of the biggest candy producer’s in the world!

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